Adding value to your Home

laundry on a washing lineIncrease Your Property Value

A water softener, plumbed into your property will add value to your home – simple.

What’s more they’re easy to install (we recommend a plumber, just because it gives peace of mind and you know it been done right) and simple to operate. But the benefits to you and the people that live with you are huge That’s because soft water has so much going for it.

We’re not going to evangelize soft water with those unbelievable stupid claims, where your life will be transformed beyond riches and your have lots of new smiley friends when you’ve installed one. That would be a cheap sale. No, it’s just this simple “soft water is better than hard water”, period.

soft fluffy towelTowels

Where you will notice it is when you wash, you’ll feel cleaner. But the big thing that you will notice is your fabrics, especially towels.

You know what it’s like when you first use that fluffy towel you’ve just bought. How soft and warm it feels. Them little by little it gets harder, rougher. Not straight away but little by little and eventually it’s like sandpaper, brittle and course, quite unpleasant to use.

Well imagine that didn’t happen (because you’re washing your towels in soft water). So your towels will stay soft for longer. You wouldn’t notice that your towels were the same as when you first bought then. Because you only notice when they become hard and rough.

soft fluffy pulloverFabrics

So using soft water instead off hard water just becomes invisible, you don’t notice that everything is the same ( just like new, just as you bought it). But it gets better, your clothes feel soft and delicate too.

What a domestic water softener does is to just make all you fabrics “normal” and that’s the way it should be.

Added benefits, as to can see here Is that there’s no white deposits around taps and showers. These will often look dirty and are are hard to remove. The limescale builds up over time and is quite hard to clean as it gets into those places that are hard to get at.

Take a Look here to see where you can get a water softener for your home